Nelly - Intro Lyrics

Nelly Lyrics

Intro Lyrics
(feat. Cedric the Entertainer)

[car engine starts]

[phone rings]

Man, this fool ain't pickin' up.

[Nelly on answering machine:]
You know who it is. do what you do.

Ey, yo nelly. what's up dog, this ced the entertainer. get at me man. I been

Hollerin' at you. man I been tryin' to call you 'bout three days.

Done called your cell phone, your pager, your voice mail over your mama's

House. your uncle darell and I paged kyjuan like three times. ya'll

Get at me man. I just want to holla at you playa. you know I'm out here in cali

Just doin' it up, hangin' out here. you know. chillin'. trying to

Do a little tv. you know how I do it. rollin' round here in a big body benz with

Two dollars worth of gas. ha. who said it won't no future in your

Front? getting ready to put it down like that with that country grammer right.

I heard about it, using them words like st. louis. herre. therre.

Put them two capitol r's and evr' thang. ha. I feel you on that right. I feel

You so just get at me so I can do a lil somethin' for you, flip a few

Thangs. just call me back. whatever. you can't get me, call over my mama's

House, they know how to page me. they a page me to yo number

Then I call you back or you could just page my cousin keith and he'll call my

Cousin lil darrell who got my real pager number and then I'll you back

On his cell phone. he he. whatever you do playa, do it st. louis style. put it

Down for the stl ight. now get at me.
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