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Do It (Remix) Lyrics
Hood rock, I got new rocks
300 k in a shoe box
Her mom cooler, her sister fine
But her dad tried me on the shoot pops
My new chick only 23, but a phd what she fin to be
So sexy, they envy me,
When I beat it down, no sympathy
I'm too cock up, whole rich rock up
I lit her up like a Christmas tree
Grass out all my jeans, said she fell in love with me instantly
She cut them off and he history
She could live with me, we got chemistry
Brick squad is my entity
These niggas be acting too industry
I never seen a girl with an ass like that

She super cool and stupid fly, met my match
I'm a tell you girl just listen,
Don't put them all in my bizness
On the first day I bought benzes
On the second day I bought Bentley

I said, bitch, I'm the best
You ain't never had deal like this
I said girl, I'm the one
Call me if you can't get it done
I'm the shit and you know this
Don't act like you ain't noticed
Eat the pussy like locusts
In that hole like doffers
On the bunch of ass like sofas
Big lass like Oprah's
Fight the feeling it's hopeless
Once I'm in it, I'm focus
I smack it up and rub it down
Spread it open go to town
I'm the best, my pound for pound
Knock you out first round
Turn around and lift it up
I jab it, jab it, uppercut, cut, cut, cut, cut, oh

We can start off on this floor
End up on that bed
You rubbin' through my head
While I'm all between yo legs
I'm a hit it from the front, back, side, side
Girl I love the way you
Do it do it do it do it do it do it
Girl I love the way you do it
I'm done

Let the car sound, the bedroom
Yeah I f*cked the head up Lilly
With the beat up, I plead guilty
Don't wait on my citizen
Doa I done that, boomerang, come back
Shawty got that good work, that eat up, that jump bad
Shawty got that water, making it go harder
Pick up my fount, she ask me where my Charger
Straight aching that bedroom, v12 no leg room
I ain't worry bout her little boyfriend
Slight work and I'm a big goon
I just can't get enough of you
Balcony and W
That ass fat I want an insta grab it
Can I take take a picture, can I Instagram it
Living room flow getting Coburn pulling on the hurry on
From the count of top to the hallway
Lead that count to the stairways

Ok, I met a girl some tight clothes
Show me everything that she might now
Now I took the girl to the vip
It was Travis P and Mike O,
Montana, Atlanta, Alabama, gonna do it
Anabe gonna go dumb and H town gonna screw it
Do it, on the molly, Miami beach
In the rarri, couple freaks
Frown blue, laid up, 2 porn stars
What? Yeah bitch they going hard

Say I can't hit on the counter cause I'm too shrt
Hit on the bed let's make 2 shorts
Niggas all tired like they run full court
She wanna spoon, should I want to fork?
Hit her from the back on the front porch
Bad bitches, no escorts
Yeah I got hoes all across the world
Got hella stuff on my passport

Ok, little mama getting OC, I'm tweeking low key
Spend a little bit of money, get a little bow p
I'm swinging round up in the... I'm here to play, can't play alone
Don't mess around I put the camera on
There you know I'm an animal
Man today and I'm the man tomorrow
I'm in the game like floor seats
With a bad bitch pushing so deep
I'm swimming in it 4 feet
Ah, that's how we know, that's how we go
Dances we hit, now all along

Let me see you touch toes and get low
Break it all, break it all, break it all slow
I be kicking shit with your main bitch
And my name all on her butt
Hit it from the front, drill it from the back
I'm a big dog for the kitty cats
In front of your house, in the back of my Lex
God damn tell him he ain't doing like that
Tell him.
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