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Ciroc & Simply Lemonade Lyrics
Ciroc and simply lemonade

[Verse 1: Nelly]
I said that this Saturday night, we about to turn up
We about to get wasted on everything I love
Call all of my partners, said I'm getting the word we weedin
I told them meet at the same spot around the same time as last weekend
Now I'm off to the barber shop, I'm fresh and had lime and
Then to the carwash, I'm shinin that my line yea
Fresh from the mall we all, J's nothing but fine yea
Well we all big faced, I can see it's bout that time

What can I get you babe?
Ciroc and simply lemonade
What about the rest of ya'll?
Ciroc and simply lemonade!
What for your lady friend?
Ciroc and simply lemonade
I think I want some more
Ciroc and simply lemonade
How bout a little more?
Ciroc and simply lemonade
I really want some more
Ciroc and simply lemonade

[Verse 2: Nelly]
Now we the only ones in this club, DJ what's happenin'
What the f*ck you waitin on? So go and play something ratchet
Riddle tell me they got it, Juicy J wussup
Put Benjamins, put bands on
This drink will make her f*ck
Now these babes want each other, the 3-4 with a 5
Kissin one another, I hope we're next in line
I wait for my attender, I swear I don't mind
Then we know we all ready, got that Transporter outside


[Verse 3: Yo Gotti]
I'm like motherf*cker boo, I'm standin on the bar
Coconut Ciroc, remind me of my car
All white Rolls with the blue top
All clear bottle with the blue dot
Like sippin lemonade, we should mix it up
Lil drink, tight heels when I pick her up
Me and Gotti keep it real, Shawty pink as f*ck
But she still from the hood so she ratchet as f*ck
Gold chain, gold Rollie, I be mixin it up
White Rolls, white Rari, I be kickin it up
I be killin them hah, now you feelin the hah
When they pass me the glass I be spinnin it up

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