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Nelly Lyrics

Available Lyrics
You available, is you taken

(Common man stop playing)

Girl are you available
Is you taken
Do you got a man or not
I know a place we can go
Getting naked
I think about getting hot
So shortay what you sipping on
Tell me
You ain't got no panties on
With me
Your the only one I wanna take home
With me
Girl are you available

Now here we go again
Back in the club making it hot
We buy the [? ] we ain't taking no shots
When it comes to bad chicks
I should have her ass fixed
Next to my name
An ma games dat sick
Who's dis, who's dis
It's N-E double L-Y
I'm a billionaire boy
Babi you can tell why
I be in the G4, better yet the G5
From the [?] to Brazil
All the way to N-Y
Oh my, I'm high as a cloud
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