Slow It Down Lyrics by Neil Diamond

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Slow It Down Lyrics
Pick it up
Hurry up son
We gotta run if you wanna get down
Clean speed
Where does it need you
If you wanna succeed
I'm thinking you need to
But are y really sure

It's a lot to endure
But i got me a cure
Slow it down!
Slow it down you
Slow it down
Take your time and you'll find your time has a meaning
Easy now
Catch those sounds of your heartbeat before it's leaving
You say you want satisfaction
Just steaming away from the action
Get some traction
Between you and the scenery

Say hello way
Not to fast
It don't last
Just follow my reflection

Day by day
See that view
It's for you
Just pay some affection

Forget about competition
Your doover and intuition
Stop your wishing
Won't get there by dreaming

Slow it down!
Slow it down you
Take your time
Even last and reclaim
Desine and desting

Doing fine
Make it flow
Let it go
You'll see it walk the alley
You're looking for bitter and greater
And counting on sooner and later
That's the way you won't be free
Slow it down!
Slow it down
Slow it down
Slow it down you
Slow it down
Slow it down

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