Guitar Heaven Lyrics by Neil Diamond

Neil Diamond Lyrics

Guitar Heaven Lyrics
Hey little boy just sittin' on your back porch
Pickin' on your guitar
Wishing you were far away

Well, I can tell you a little bit
A dream I see in your eyes
I hear it in the songs you play

And hey little boy, just play it like you feel it
Make it so real, it's almost too real to take
Just swing it like a player
Make it like a prayer
It's one from the heart,
Give it all of the heart it can take

And when you play what you want to play
You reach down to the soul
You keep on growin',
And you know someday
That sound is gonna turn into gold

Boy, you're takin' me there
To guitar heaven
And without sayin' a word
You lay it all on the line
You make me leave my cares
In guitar heaven
Just go and play your song
I could stay all night
Play it, son


You know you're takin' me there
To guitar heaven
You make me feel every sound
You make it shine like a light

I'm gonna lose my cares in guitar heaven
You go and play that song
I 'm gonna stay a while

Go and play that song, boy
I'm gonna stay a while
The way you play that song
Makes me want to smile

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