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First Time Lyrics
Ooh ooh, ooh ooh
First time
How do you feel?
Little bit strange it's little unreal that
First time
You're far from home
Finally out there on your own and it's
Your time
For making it happen
It's your time, and it's gonna happen your way
Every step you take from now on,
Be taken as far as you can
You oughta be moving along
Singing your song, and making your plans
First time, first time

Ooh ooh, ooh ooh
First time
Like a Ferris wheel
Scared to go, but it's no big deal that
First time
It's always the best
Remember it's still you forget all the rest it's
Your time
So live in the moment
It's your time, you don't want to throw it away!
Still remember the first word you wrote
And every single note that you've played!
Got a book and you learned it by rote
Long time ago, remember that day?
Make rhyme
So fine
First time!

Ooh ooh, ooh ooh
First time
It comes unaware,
You're un-rehearsed, and unprepared for that
First time, you're free and unbound
No planet's safe gotta jump on the sound it's
Your time
And good things will happen
But this time, you gotta put your heart in the game!
You're out for the very first time,
But you're not really out there alone
Keep doing it, and words gonna spread
Get out of your bed, set out on your own.
Keep trying
Be fine
First time!
Ooh ooh, ooh ooh

This time
The whole world is watching
This time, you better put your heart in the game!
You're rocking for the very first time
You only want the feeling to last,
And every single ? Going out
Leaves less of a doubt, it's all in the past!
This time
You shine
You're flyin'
First time

[Thanks to scottemccarty55 for correcting these lyrics]
Writer: Neil Diamond
Copyright: Lyrics © Diamondsongs

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