Cherry Cherry Christmas Lyrics by Neil Diamond

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Cherry Cherry Christmas Lyrics
Wish you a very merry, cherry cherry Christmas
And a holly holy holiday, too.
Underneath your tree may there always be
Sounds of harmony, not a song sung blue.

Just a very merry, cherry cherry Christmas.
And if all of those who love you gather near,
You'll have a very merry, cherry cherry, holly holy,
Rock and rolly Christmas this year.

When the snow drops on the treetops
It's a pretty amazing scene.
Hear the choir, light the fire.
Feels like pretty amazing grace if you know what I mean.

Oh yeah, it's Christmas time.

In a world of make-believe I'm a believer,
And I believe in things not always understood,
But the things you feel make believing real.
That's why Christmas feels so good, so good, so good.

When you imagine all the world as one great chorus,
You're gonna learn that every voice has got a song.
Let's raise a Christmas toast of red, red wine,
We'll even sing Sweet Caroline while the whole world sings along.

I hear music in the sound of children laughing.
It's a beautiful noise that fits you like a song.
Makes you wanna have a very merry, holly holy,
Cherry cherry Christmas time the whole year long.

The whole year long...sing your Christmas song...the whole year long.
Cherry Christmas, Everyone!!!

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