Blue Destiny (Version Two) Lyrics by Neil Diamond

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Blue Destiny (Version Two) Lyrics
Once you were mine
And you wanted the whole world know
Now ev'ry time I'm around
You've got somewhere to go
I ask my heart ev'ry day
Can there be some other way?
Tell me, what can I do
To change my blue destiny?

First you decide
That our love will always be true,
Next thing I know
You're running with somebody new
Once you were mine alone
Now you're just someone I've known
Tell me, what can I do
To change my blue destiny?

And there were times
When love was new
And both our hearts were gay
But now the signs says we're through
And bound for separate ways

And how can you love
When your love doesn't want you at all?
Girl, when you turn me away
Got my back to the wall

Still I'd forgive all your lies
'Cause darlin', I realize that it's you
Only you, can change my blue destiny
Baby you, only you
Can change my blue destiny

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