The Neighbourhood Lyrics

The Neighbourhood Lyrics

The Neighbourhood Info:

The Neighbourhood is an American, California-based alternative rock band, that formed in August 2011. The band is known for their black-and-white imagery, as seen throughout their music artwork and videos. -Wikipedia

Also known as:

Newbury Park, California, United States

Psychedelic rock, indie rock, indie pop, dark pop

Years active:

Jesse Rutherford - Lead Singer
(born August 21, 1991 - age )

Zach Abels - Guitarist
(born July 3, 1992 - age )

Michael Mikey" Margott - Bassist
(born October 1, 1993 - age )

Jeremy Freedman - Guitarist
(born July 2, 1992- age )

Brandon Fried - Drummer
(born September 23, 1990 - age )

Past members:
Bryan "Olivver" Sammis - drummer

Name Origin:
Jesse Rutherford explained: "Well, I wanted the name The Neighbourhood, I just thought it was cool and, you know, when you’re in a band, often if you want to name your band something, you’ll check other places on the internet to see if somebody else already has the name, and somebody already had it the other way, the normal spelling!

So I was like “F*ck!” and was thinking of other ways to do it, and then our manager - he’s from New Zealand originally, so he’s had a lot of overseas experience, like, internationally he’s worked with a lot of companies and people, so he understands the whole world a lot - so then he suggested, “Hey! Why not the UK spelling of it?” and it worked out really well."

Tour Dates:

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