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Step Daddys' Life Lyrics
[lady:] We need to talk

[Sheldon M. Davis:] Bout what.

[lady:] Bout you

[Sheldon M. Davis:] What about me

[lady:] Step daddy being Step Daddy

[Sheldon M. Davis:] Shh..Hey I'm doing what I'm supposed to do I'm Step daddy

[lady:] Not to my kids they have a daddy already he's just not here right now

[Sheldon M. Davis:] Hey I'm just trying to teach them some things you know what I'm saying if I'm gonna be here eating up your food and stuff like that that's the least I can do.

[lady:] Teach them things like what

[Sheldon M. Davis:] Like a father is supposed to teach them. What you got a problem wit me trying trying ta to teach your kids something huh.huh

[lady:] As long as it's the right thing

[Sheldon M. Davis:] What that's what I been doing I aint told him nothing he don't need to know. You know what I'm saying I don't care bout him talking all that trash bout why I want to discipline him and this and that, hey that's my job.

[lady:] My son has a problem. And I have a problem with that

[Sheldon M. Davis:] Man I aint even trying to hear that he may not respect none of this know but now he'll respect me later on it. Know what I'm saying. You gotta remember something he's a child. He a child And needs to stay IN A CHILDS PLACE TO A CERTAIN degree you know what I'm saying I done been there I'm just trying trying to do that you know what I'm saying
He don't have no problem eating my god damn pizza when I bring that shit in the house
You know what I'm saying that's what it is. Why huh huh.

[lady:] Step daddies are supposed to by pizza

[Sheldon M. Davis:] What wait Naw step daddies supposed to get some respect too cause I gotta job to do

[lady:] You give respect when you get it

[Sheldon M. Davis:] I'm giving him respect everything he learning from me it's gone benefit him you know what I'm saying why we got to have this conversation about that huh

[lady:] You know you aint their daddy you're just their step daddy.
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