Netherlands National Anthem Lyrics

National Anthem Lyrics

Netherlands National Anthem Lyrics
Original Dutch Words:

Wilhelmus van Nassouwe

ben ik van Duitsen bloed

den vaderland getrouwe

blijf ik tot in den dood.

Een Prinse van Oranje

ben ik, vrij onverveerd,

den Koning van Hispanje

heb ik altijd geëerd.

Mijn schild ende betrouwen

zijt Gij, o God mijn Heer,

op U zo wil ik bouwen,

verlaat mij nimmermeer.

Dat ik doch vroom mag blijven,

uw dienaar t'aller stond,

de tirannie verdrijven

die mij mijn hart doorwondt.


William of Nassau am I, of German* descent;

True to the fatherland I remain until death.

Prince of Orange am I, free and fearless.

To the King of Spain I have always given honour.

You, my God and Lord, are my shield, on You I rely.

On You I will build; never leave me,

So that I may remain pious, your servant at all moments,

Dispelling the tyranny that wounds my heart.

(*He was born in Dillenburg castle, in the then County of Nassau-Dillenburg, in the Holy Roman Empire, now in Hesse, Germany. So "of German descent" is technically correct

Futhermore at the time it was written 'Duitsen' may be more appropriately translated as 'Germanic', which one could also argue as 'Dutch' when translated in a modern context)

[Thanks to Jayden, Samlivexd, Yursteenbergen, tisaversteeg15 for correcting these Lyrics]

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