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Despite the fact the rest of the country don't give Gary Neville the credit he's due, United fans worship the Bury-born full back. He wear's his passion on his sleeve and is a die-hard United fan too. He's always the first to applaud the fans at away games and he can normally be seen celebrating United goals by running to the fans with his fists clenched. Oh, and he hates scousers too...

(to tune of 'London Bridge is falling down')
Gary Neville is a red, is a red, is a red,
Gary Neville is a red...
He hates Scousers!

One Gary Neville -
There's only one Gary Neville,
One Gary Nev-ille -
There's only one Gary Nev-ille!"

(to tune of David Bowie's 'Rebel Rebel')
Neville Neville, Your future's immense,
Neville Neville, You play in defence,
Neville Neville, Like Jacko you're bad,
Neville Neville, Is the name of your dad
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