Afghanistan National Anthem Lyrics

National Anthems

Afghanistan National Anthem Lyrics

de Afghanistan Jamhuriat

So Che Da Mezaka Asman Wee
So Che Da Jahan Wadan Wee
So Che Jowand Pa De Jahan Wee
So Che Pati Yaw Afghan Wee
Tel Ba Da Afghanistan Wee
Tel De Wee Afghanistan Melat
Tel De Wee Jumhouriat
Tel De Wee Meli Wahdat
Tel De Wee Afghan Meli Jumhouriat
Tel De Wee Afghan Mellat Jumhouriat Meli Wahdat - Meli Wahdat


So long as there is the earth and the heavens;
So long as the world endures;
So long as there is life in the world;
So long as a single Afghan breathes;
There will be this Afghanistan.
Long live the Afghan nation.
Long live the Republic.
Forever there be our national unity;
Forever there be the Afghan nation and the Republic.
Forever the Afghan nation, the Republic and National Unity - National

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