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From the Album Yumiko Curse Of The Merch Girl (2012) (buy at
Yumiko Curse Of The Merch Girl
She's So Lost
On Your Own
Eye For An Eye
Gods Gone Crazy
Falling In Flames
Loki & Puck
Piece Now
The Only One
She's So Lost
On Your Own
Piece Now

From the Album Fornever (2010) (buy at
The Lick
Asian Girl
Let Me Talk
Cigarettes And Liquor
Vikki Veil
I Used To Luv H.e.r.
The Problem Is...
West Coast Cinderella
Live From Roscoe's

From the Album Sweet Lord (2008) (buy at
Sweet Lord
The Intro
Are You Ready?
Nina Ross
And I Love It
It's For Real
Marry Me
Love The Way
Murs Inatra

From the Album Murs For President (2008) (buy at
Murs For President
I'm Innocent
Lookin' Fly
The Science
Can It Be (Half A Million Dollars And 18 Months Later)
Road Is My Religion
Think You Know Me
Me And This Jawn
Love and Appreciate II
A Part Of Me
Break Up (The OJ Song)

From the Album Walk Like A Man: The Soundtrack (2005) (buy at
Walk Like A Man: The Soundtrack
Hustle (Remix) (From "Walk Like a Man" Soundtrack)
Walk Like A Man
That's On Me (A Tribute To 45 ACP-R.I.P.) (From "Walk Like a Man" Soundtrack)

From the Album 3:16: The 9th Edition (2004) (buy at
3:16: The 9th Edition
Bad Man!
The Pain
Trevor An' Them
Freak These Tales
Walk Like A Man
And This Is For...
The Animal

From the Album Varsity Blues (2002) (buy at
Varsity Blues
Varsity Blues
Belief's Blues
County Blues
Writer's Blues
A Friend's Blues
The Deepest Blue

From the Album The End Of The Beginning... (2002) (buy at
The End Of The Beginning...
You & I
What Do You Know?
The Scuffle
The Night Before
Transitionz Az A Ridah
Happy Pillz
Risky Business
The Dance
God's Work
Def Cover
Please Leave
18/w A Bullet (Remix)
Brotherly Love
Got Damned?
Done Deal

From the Album Murs Is My Best Friend (2002) (buy at
Murs Is My Best Friend
Molemen And Murs Get Mean

From the Album Murs Rules The World (2000) (buy at
Murs Rules The World
Murs Rules The World (Track 1)
I Hate Your Boyfriend (Track 3)
24 / 7 (All Day) (Track 4)
Making Music (Track 5)
Slob My Nob (Track 6)
Way Tight (Track 8)
In The Zone (Track 9)
Way Tight (Rmx) (Track 14)

From the Album Good Music (1999) (buy at
Good Music
24hrs W-AG
4 The Record

From the Album F'Real (1997) (buy at
The 8th Samurai
4 The Record
Basik Murs
Dominant Freestyle
M-3 (Anger)
The Saint
Morocco Mike
The Maguire Song
Live My Life
Nites Like This
Ease Back
The Sermon

Other Songs:
1st Love
Better Than The Best (Cut Track from "Murs for President")
Break Up (Remix)
Dreadlocks (From "Madden NFL 08" Soundtrack)
The Women Of Scribble Jam (with Mac Lethal)
To A Black Boy

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