Murs & 9th Wonder - Silly Girl Lyrics

Murs & 9th Wonder Lyrics

Silly Girl Lyrics
You know what?
Yeah the lil' lil' lil' stuff between your legs ain't gon' keep me
And neither is you callin me every 5 minutes like you need to know what what I be doin
I'm at where I'm at, and I'ma be where I'ma be
And that's about all you need to know
And you need to use your inside voice when you talk to me
Cause all that raisin your voice with me in front of your friends
in the car and your cell phone it it it's not hot, it's not cute
It's not gettin you anywhere, and it's about to get you fired so, calm it down

[Verse 1: Murs]
She thought that makin me wait, was the way to get me hooked
Now fellas, we all know the oldest trick in the book
What you do you wait around, waitin 'til she breaks down
One day at the crib, she gon' let you break ground
Soon found out she was so real wit it
One year, no love, man who would deal wit it?
Me I fell for it, romancin, financin
A couple years back I woulda told you there was no chance in hell
But oh well, here I was
That's how it be when you're fallin in - umm
I wouldn't say that; maybe it was
Them trips to the gentlemen's club - oh well!
That got me feelin I was givin but I wasn't gettin back
Man that story 'bout that cow and that milk ain't a fact
Cause if you wait too long, the milk goes sour
And I like my love hot, no more cold showers so

[Chorus: Murs]
Silly little girl, simple little girl
You didn't want me when I wanted you, you
I'm on to other girls, I don't want you in my world
And there's not a single thing that you can do, do
You're playin on my phone and you won't leave me alone
I think it's finally time for you to get a clue, clue
You told all your friends about the time we used to spend
Now I'm 'bout to run it all throughout your crew, crew

[Verse 2: Murs]
Ooh I called Pam, you know the one that always liked me
You tried to tell her that I had the drip, just to spite me
But she didn't buy it, guess what, was down to try it
And we did a lot more than kiss, I can't deny it
I took her to the Hyatt, tie her to the {?}
And took Tasha to the Hyatt, oh yeah I went there again
And starin in my windows, is just not hot
Always thought you was a freak, never knew you liked to watch
And I'ma call the cops next time you come to my job
And my new girlfriend, she from the hood she down to squab
And when she take out them earrings, crunch time, punch time
Believe me I know, let me tell you 'bout this one time
I came home late, didn't call - wait that's not the point
She gets another fight she's goin back to the joint
So, don't waste her time we both know you can't fight
Now quit hidin in them bushes and go home - goodnight!


[Verse 3:]
Yo, I knew this silly chick was diggin me
I shoulda had a girl, but if you keep it on the low then you can get with me
See I done switched the game up, now she ask when I'ma leave her
You know the answer last time that came up
Why you keep stressin, just keep undressin
This a headache I swear I never learned my lesson
Told myself about these undercover dealings - why?
Cause these silly chicks end up always catchin feelings
And what I'm 'sposed to do
When a late night freak in the Jeep end up gettin a lil' close to you
Close to who - close to me?
Nah my lil' thing on the side, this ain't how it's supposed to be
Supposed to hit it, quit it, hit it again
Chill for a while then flip it again
But she started actin crazy, I split to the end
She told the girls how I get down, now I'm hittin her friend, ha ha


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