Murs & 9th Wonder - Pusshhhhhh Lyrics

Murs & 9th Wonder Lyrics

Pusshhhhhh Lyrics
At first no one believed that I could achieve
Goals I had set, hopes, dreams
Had no respect for my own team
So much pressure, felt like I couldn't breathe and
{Chokes}... Relieved
When I shook all the doubts and decided to proceed
Best men, girlfriends, I don't need
Set my own pace, move at my own speed
Pushed on, did it by myself
No matter you say, ain't none of y'all helped
No matter what you think, I was standing on the brink
Gun in my hand, standing by the sink
Something inside wouldn't let me sink
Had a few drinks, saw a few shrinks
Been to the groups, I been on the meds
And this is for my people that's living on the edge

You gotta put both feet on the ground, then you push
Can't let life beat you down, you gotta push
Don't look back when you fall, you gotta push
Soon as your back hit the wall, you gotta push
You gotta push it along, push it along
Push it along, yeah push it along
Push it along, push it along
Push it along, yeah push it along

Move toward your blessings
Everything in life should be a forward progression
Don't stop, it's more than a session
Don't let obstacles become obsessions
Look beyond 'em, look past 'em
Look at 'em as something to do while time's passing
It keeps moving, like it or not
This life that you live's the only life that you got
Tomorrow's not promised, I can promise you that
Skip the fiction, get on with the facts
You live, you die, you laugh, you cry
No answers to the questions, quit asking why
Live the present, the past is the past
The future all depends on the moves you made last
And you should have no regrets
When the walls close in and life puts you to the test


I got God and the Devil got gone
The dark side is not that strong
Put it all in perspective, the prime directive
You must give respect to get respected
Treat others how you wish to be treated
You give what you get and the cycle is completed
They retreated, left my boy for dead
He held his head, kept positive instead
A hate, he pushed that love
Praying one day that we all blow up
So what? Different paths, different men
Hoping that we all get together, laugh in the end
Cause friends is friends and time will change
It takes a lot of strength to survive the game
Cause if you win, you win, it's all the same
We can't get lost in the lights and fame

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