Murs & 9th Wonder - Nina Ross Lyrics

Murs & 9th Wonder Lyrics

Nina Ross Lyrics
We talk about Nina
We talk about Nina
We talk about Nina... Nina Ross

[Verse 1:]
Ha ha ha ha ha
Check out this bizarre
Story that I got about this chick and her car
I met her at this bar in Philly called 'the mall'
True school party and I'm feelin like a star
I'm chilling with the boys
We out to make some noise
Searching for a misses, mission search & destroy
You know the hit & run
You smash then you dash
Or you could fall in love soon as you get that ass
But me I was just chillin'
That's really not my thing
Tonic with some lime and I'm scoping out the scene
Then I seen Miss Thing
I locked her in my sights
Vision of perfection, my obsession for the night
Is she black or she white
Or another slight mix?
Mexican or Asian, dark-skin white chick
I know that's my thing
I jumped on it quick
Thicker than a snicker, had to kick it to the miss
She said, "My name is Nina"
I said, " (spanish)
You know I'm a musician with a penchant for latinas"
She said, "That's cool I'm black,
South African in fact
I understand your Spanish but your accent is wack
Quick on the attack
I kept my composure
Should I fall back
Man, I pimped in closer
"My english is just fine
And your beauty is sublime
On this continent miss, you should constitute a dime
I'm cool with the rhyme, but slicker with the drag
In a few minutes, I'll be feelin on the ass"
For her, she just laughed, I caught her by surprise
I said, "I need directions
I'm lost in your eyes"
She fell for it guys
Hook, line and sinker
Now I start to feel like this chick's not a thinker
All attitude
No apptitude
Imagine her condition after she's had a few


[Verse 2:]
Bartender, bartender, come serve her up
And put it all on this card right here
(Word up)
I talk, I talk
She drank, she drank
And then she said something like, "I think,
I can't
Make it to my car, can you help me out? "
I said no prob, she kissed me on the mouth
She tasted like a mixture of one fifty one
And straight gasoline, but I'm not a picky one
I grabbed her coat, then I grabbed her keys
Then I grabbed her arm and said, "Ma'am could you please
Lead the way''
This has got to be the best way for me to end the day
She looked better than the government check
It was her beauty not her booty, that's word to Mike Epps
You know I'm a Vet
So we marched and we stepped
She said, "I'm parked around the corner, it's the Benz on the left"
A benz, a benz?! Did this broad say a benz?!
It took everything I had for me to not call my friends
Or lose my lunch
But then all at once
This girl sobered up, like she was never drunk
She said, "That was all a front, Mr. Walk-Like-A-Man
Remember me a few years back, tour van? "
I stuttered, I stammered, I looked for the camera
And when I looked back, she was reachin' for the hammer
Pulled out the jammie, aimed it at my throat,
She yelled, "Stick em up! "
I said, "Stop, no don't! "
Pistol whipped me, then she hit me
Swept me off my feet quickly
Got me for my DS and my Sidekick 3
She made me stand up then she told me strip down
"What you gonna with that glowstick now? "
She opened up the truck
Made me crawl into it
About to squeeze the trigger, I said, "Please don't do it''
50 paint balls, at point blank range
I flinched, I bled, I screamed out in pain
She said
"Remember my face
Consider this a message to the women you disgrace
You use us then abuse us anytime you feel horny
Then bounce, and leave a fake number in the morning"
I cried, apologized,
But as the tears started formin'
She laughed, blew a kiss and then she slammed the trunk on me


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