Murs & 9th Wonder - Murs Inatra Lyrics

Murs & 9th Wonder Lyrics

Murs Inatra Lyrics
[Talking: Murs]
Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you
You are too kind, thank you haha, yeah thank you, th-thanks a lot
Yeah man, thanks for hanging with us so long
It's your host Murs Inatra and
You know once again we up here in Winnie the Pooh studios
It's a beautiful day in North Carolina
Slight chill, wind five degrees
I don't know if the wind's... I don't know what the hell that means but it is
And you know it's been three albums and
We ain't never really just sat back and talked down to you
I done told you all kinds of stories, y'all know everything about my life
Y'all probably done read everything on the Internet about 9th
You know what computer we use and... hell, and me I'm just like

[Rapping: Murs]
Man I've been so miserable, crib un-livable
Driving round my city feeling so pitiful
Smog getting to me, traffic got me stressed
My little mama say I'm basically a hot mess
Tryna make some bright days out of dark nights
Kool locked up, I know I gotta write
Money on these books, shoot a quick kype
Telling myself it's gon' be alright
Finally bought pops a headstone this year
Ten years his grave said unmarked, clear
Wasn't always the best dude to be around
Miss him much more now he laying in the ground
Wish he was around to ask him for advice
Wonder what he'd say about the women in my life?
But nah, cause he couldn't get it right
And he never did get to see me rock it on the mic
If your father's still living, I beg you to forgive him
Cause he's just another man who has lost his religion and
And me, I'm tryna find mine
The man in black been walking that line
Between faithful and infidelity
She on MySpace and she telling me
She wanna come to the crib and do what?
Nineteen, dark skin with a big old butt
Maaan, that Internet is a monster
Excuse my flow, it's my stream of conscious
I keep veering off of topics
This just because y'all my favourite people to talk with

[Talking: Murs]
You know? I mean I'm sorry to tell all my businessmen
On the real, a nigga got a cold right now man
9th got a cold, we been recording with these kids in the house everyday man
They so beautiful, they so damn bad
Terrence spilling Cheerios all over the floor
This the last song on the album that we actually recording and
I'm on my way to the airport, my little brother finally graduating
After seven and a half years but I don't give a...
I'm so proud man I can't even begin to attempt to pretend
Like I can't explain to you the joy that I'm feeling of getting on this plane
Bout to take some Airbornes, some [?] and do it real grande
But yeah man, live from, from the Winnie the Pooh studios
It's Murs and 9th Wonder, I know y'all tired of saying that
It's Murs and 9th Wonder, I say it all the time
It's Murs and 9th Wonder, that's my motherfreaking friend
One more for the books and we outa here, peace

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