Murs & 9th Wonder - Let Me Talk Lyrics

Murs & 9th Wonder Lyrics

Let Me Talk Lyrics
[Intro: MURS talking]
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah YEAH!
Aaaah. Shhh shhh shhh shhh shhh
Whoa, calm down, calm down, wh-whoa
Whoa, wha-whoa wha-whoa whoa whoa. Shhhh
Let me talk Let me talk. Shhhh. Look. Whoa whoa

[Verse 1: MURS]
Calm down
What's this all about?
How you raise your voice and yellin' at me in my house?
Look I should kick you out if you want to scream and shout
Cause I'm just not in the mood for a heavy weight bout
Oh, that's what's up then
You keep on interruptin'
Like you runnin' thangs, hold up let me tell you somethin'
You can roll your eyes and stomp your feet
But your mouth might put your ass out in the street
Open your mouth again, the story never ends
Talkin' to me crazy like I'm one of your friends
I can't get a word in
You should try listenin'
I should call you Tyler Perry since you always dissin' men
If you keep on raisin' hell I'm gonna get up on my cell
So when the Police come, Miss Madea Goes To Jail
Well, well, well
Look who changed they tune
I think these fights go with the cycle of the moon
Yeah, yeah, yeah
I'm talkin' about PMS
And if we had more sex you wouldn't be so stressed
But you like to front like that time of the month
Ain't the reason why you got your panties all in a bunch
And that's figurative and literal
The shit you pull is pitiful
For one week a month you always make my life so miserable
So, here we go gettin' loud and obnoxious
When really what you need is some Motrin and chocolate
I'm only jokin'
On the low, kinda hopin'
That comedy will calm your ass down for the moment
I wanna turn the game on
You busy with the same song
Okay, I'm not right but look, I know I ain't wrong
You ain't goin' nowhere
Put them bags down
Got your hands in my face
Oh you think you bad now?
Let's just see where that gets you
Knock yourself out cause I'm not the one to hit you
And I ain't sleepin' on the couch
My neck's still hurtin' from the last time
We gotta talk now?
C'mon, can't it wait till halftime?
It's like your favorite past time
You yell and you scream
But nothing comes between a man and his favorite team
And look
Don't make me choose cause you just might lose
Now, take your ass to the other room, turn on the news
Wait, wait wait wait wait wait
I didn't mean it like that
I'm just excited from the game
C'mon baby come back
Look I'm sorry, I'm sorry
I got a little silly
But c'mon what really arguin' about now really?
You know I love you
You know you love me
But why does it always have to get so ugly?
Don't even want to hug me because you wanna stay mad
It's the crazy game that men and women play since way back
But men never win, so forget it man I'm out
Cause I already planned on sleepin' on the couch

[Talking: MURS]
You know what? Know what? Forget it, forget it. I'm finished. La la la la
Where's the remote? I'm takin' the good covers too
You can't take the good-you sleepin' on the sheets
And when you get cold don't try to snug up on me on the couch
Don't try to call me back in there later either. I'm out this mother!

[Verse 2: Suga Free]
Wait a minute what? What did you say you gonna do to my Impala?
I'll jump out this car so fast and drop kick you in the medulla oblongata
Okay I see you stupid just like your momma and them
Yeah I said it
And I was just as stupid as you for stayin' with you
Cause I regret it
So let me get in clean
Cause the game don't change, people do
These little niggas jumpin' out blastin' in them skinny jean
And the last thing I need is your ass to hassle
Yeah man she told the judge I hit her
She hit herself in the head with a bag of apple
And I told her, "I hate goin' to your spot"
Cause her daddy can't say nothin'
Unless he put that thing on his neck that make him sound like a robot
And I sound retarded right?
I can't lie
One day a butterfly landed on a skull and brought tears to my eye
Think I'm ungrateful and she would never satisfy
Keep showin', they laugh at her cause her daddy got killed
Going to the hood tryin' to pay a nigga to pee on me
And you ever been with one or two bitches
Just you and her in the car
You know she farted but she lookin' at you like you did it
She kinda dirty to us
Man, I can't stand a woman, act polite, take a shit and never give a courtesy flush
One day we went to apply to a phat loan
She said, "Ah yes." Changed her voice up and said
"Bitch you don't ever talk like that at home"
But that's what woman do
Just like that, "This is my husband." Lie
I keep tellin' you, "Quit tellin' people that cause I ain't nothin' to you."

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