Murs & 9th Wonder - Intro Lyrics

Murs & 9th Wonder Lyrics

Intro Lyrics
[Intro imitating Dr. Dre and Ice Cube on "Express Yourself" by N.W.A.]

[9th Wonder:]
Ay Murs

Yeah man, what up though?

[9th Wonder:]
Yo man we got these brothers out there
Scared and fakin and perpetratin but they scared to kick reality

Well man, you been doin all this dope producin
Why don't you show these brothers what time it is?

[9th Wonder:]
So what you want me to do?

I-I want you...

[9th Wonder:]
I want you to get your line right, that's what I want you to do

I-I want you to ha...
I want you to m...
I forgot man

[9th Wonder:]
See man, this is what I'm saying man
You can't never do NOTHING right when we do these records cause!

Ay, you don't get enough of yelling at me man
Say brother, you gon' have to keep that down!

[9th Wonder:]
Man look man, we gotta do this record man so, so, what you gon' cause?

I'm a rap man!

[9th Wonder:]
Rap about what?!

Oh God, Sweet Lord

[Beat begins]

[Talking: Murs]
Yeah, haha what up though?
It's Murs, 9th Wonder, Sweet Lord
Me amigos, my people, welcome y'all to the Hip Hop pizza party
The largest ice-cream social extravaganza in Hip Hop history
Hahahahaha... look

[Rapping: Murs]
Praise him name, two kids in the game
Came back a third time to serve y'all 'gain
And it's sweeter than sugarcane, rough as a bullet stain
Good music and balance is what we bring to the game
So amen, let the fun begin
And before it all ends, you say we done it again
It's me and him, we come with that blend
That Cali-lina sound make you run to a friend
Like "Say brother, you heard that Murs and 9th? "
The beats just bang and the verse is so tight
Ain't nothing like that been said on the mic
No drugs, no guns cause we just not the type
We get you ready for life, we get you ready for love
Cause it's all about moving, never holding a grudge
Forgive and forget, can't live with regret
Hoping God make a way before we run out of breath
Hit with all I got left, I'm a make it all right
Just spit that positive music and continue to fight
Bring the truth to the light, then the light to the dark
Until you sucker emcees meet us out in the park
We got that after school special that is guaranteed to test you
With morals to the story so you know we gonna bless you
You, you, and your girlfriend
Cause if this ain't a gem then the world don't spin
And if the world don't turn then the sun don't burn
Then the grass don't grow and the kids don't learn
So get smart, we got ninety-nine songs
But if we put 'em all on, I be rhyming too long
I hear you talking, I hear you fools
Cause we left Cool Edit and switched to Pro Tools
9th chopping breaks, me breaking rules
So daimn fresh, people say that it's cool
They say it's too short, they don't want it to end
But it wouldn't be perfect if it wasn't a ten
And friends, it's been a pleasure thus far
Murs and 9th Wonder and the third one's a charm

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