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Murs & 9th Wonder Lyrics

Free Lyrics
People feelin' that. Oh man. One two one two. I smell somethin' cookin'
Yeah yeah yeah. Okay, give us freedom. That's for real for real
Turn it up a little more G. That means turn it up fool
Yeah, this is it. Yeah yeah. 9th

I'm free
To change the world to change the times
I'm free
To change my life to change my mind
I'm free
To have hope to have new ideas
I'm free to live my life without the pressure of my peers
I'm free
To make a choice to take a chance
I'm free
To take my voice and make a stance
I'm free
And now I know why the caged bird sings
I'm free to be me so let me do my thing
I'm free

[Verse 1:]
Like a fresh out of county no bond
Bout to get some Fat Burger and go see my moms
Like the health care need to be
The fact that it ain't is just obscene to me
Free is a state of mind a state to live
Can't be selfish, people hate to give
Love, worth more than gold
But it's free and it's got to be part of soul
Told, I was free 1863
That's until I got clipped by the LAPD
Free to be oppressed for 400 years
Free to leave this country free to stay right here
To make a difference
Free to make change
Free to be normal while I'm free to be strange
From every mountain top where they let freedom rang
There was freedom in the songs that my ancestors sang


[Verse 2:]
Like I'm tax exempt
Free to knock out gangstas and smack some pimps
Cause I'm free to be a whole lot more than that
Free to see the whole world and be more than black
Free to be a plain ole human being
I'm free to write songs about the wrongs I seen
I'm free to make a buck at anyone's expense
Do what it takes to make my rent
But no act will ever be free of consequence
It don't cost a dime to use your common sense
It's Free like Will when I'm free to kill
Anybody that try to knock...
Let me chill
I'm free from anger, I'm free from it
When they grab a hold of me
It's free I break
I'm free to be a failure
Free to be great
And I'm free to be the one who decides my fate


[Verse 3:]
Like my style was in '93
Now there's a whole bunch of dudes tryin' to rhyme like me
Work hard young man
Homie grind like me
And you can be whatever you wanna be
Like the blood, like the love of Jesus
Like the love that the Koran teaches
Like space and the outer reaches
Can't Arrest my Development I'm free like Speech is
Like a genie
Fresh out the bottle
When these MCs is free not to be role models
And me
Well, I'm free to be one
Free to fix a problem where ever I see one
The government came to my hood with free guns
Got us all scared, now I'm thinkin' I need one
But I'm free from fear
And if you already free then let me hear you say "YEAH! "

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