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Murs & 9th Wonder Lyrics

Fornever Lyrics
Never never never

[Intro: Kurupt - talking]
Yeah, you know. There's some things you'll never be
Some things you'll never see
You understand me mane? Kurupt Young Gotti, MURS. Listen

[Verse 1: MURS]
Forever man
You'll never be better than MURS and 9th Wonder
Wanna welcome you to Neverland
He press play and my imagination run wild on your best day
You only got one style
We multi-task, we multi-faceted
You soak up my style then you try to repackage it
We mastered this, no rookie mistakes here
Something like a mixture between Tookie and Shakespeare
Classic composition man we killin' compositions
Catalog consistent, it's compellin' you to listen
True poetry, we do it how it's supposed to be
Cause right before I write it I imagine you quotin' me

Tabernacle, pterodactyl, apple kush plants
Medical shops, I go and sample kush plants
I'm the first, the worst to verse ocean
Water vibe, vibrant, verse surfin'
Little mama
No drama
She said I'm a
Do it to her proper
She ain't never lie
Come and bring it to your poppa
I movie roles, baby I'm up for Oscars
Kick the game like football and soccer
Lames get maimed, perpetrators get penetrated
I cock it, I pop it, don't knock it so stop it
I got it I lock it, rocket, copped oxes
For real
I got that NATO appeal
Too much game
Too much skill
I'm smashin'
If Snoop won't f*ck Kim Kardashian I will off of film
Feelin' myself cause this is how I feel
I'm too real
I'm too trill
And y'all never (never)
Seen a guy like me
Or anybody fly like me
I Ray J hoes, don't say no more
Video tape 'em but stay behind the camera with doe
I gotta let you know
That y'all never, never


[talking: Kurupt]
She said, "Come over here with me." I said, "Bitch, I'm camera shy." Haha.

[Verse 2: MURS]
We shut it down
West coast king shit
California swagger supreme
I mean this
Chuck and Dickie's you can't f*ck with me
We got the best weed
Half a zip a buck fifty
I'm makin' money, havin' fun, doin' great shit
It's MURS and Kurupt, motherf*cker could you hate this?
I'm Dodgered out, we rock the house
Smokin' on the front porch at my mama's house (let me hit that)
Come see me, we take life easy
The homie, fresh out, said he seen me on TV
That's what I do it for
This is for you and yours
We do it for the love
What the f*ck you makin' music for?

[talking: Kurupt]
What you do it for? What you makin' music for? Huh?
Cause you could never ever ever ever
Be nothin' like this. We don't sip on Cris
This indo blowin' mane ya dig? Kush or nothing. Ya bitch!
Never. Aye MURS. I'm gonna see you at the festival mane

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