Murs & 9th Wonder - Are You Ready? Lyrics

Murs & 9th Wonder Lyrics

Are You Ready? Lyrics
I was the last one chosen for the first team
Now welcome y'all to the 9th Wonder, Murs dream
Ghetto music with a purpose
Y'all know we do this at your service
Two of the world's most respected musicians
Are now at work, I suggest you listen

It's the new sound, champion bound
Respect to OGs that handed it down
We won't bow down, lower our standards
For these adolescent idiots with no manners
That's what it is cause, that's what it be blood
You see the future of this music when you see us

Walking, stalking in my Hi-Top Dunks
Fly Hip Hop banging out my trunk
I had to hop out at a stoplight once
Punk tried to say that what I write don't bump
Man, my tracks bang like gang life ain't right
Brothers pop off and get popped in the same night

Looking like, feeling like, dressed like a Rasta
Dreadlocks swinging but no marijuana
But you can blow yours behind closed doors
Or do it real big on the dance-floor
Cause this jam's for, you and yours
Another banger that'll even out the damn score

Sooo are you ready for me?
Prepare yourselves for what you are about to see
Amazing entertaining lyrical aren't we
We'll show you how it's done, just let your mom be free
Sooo are you ready for me?
This is the main event so get up out your seat

One's for the new school young'ns in the trap
Two's for the true school homies in the back
Three's for the ladies out looking for commitment
Four's for the ones that are strong and dependent
It don't matter cause I love all women
The lights go out and there ain't no difference

Five for petite with the pretty little feet
Six when it long, so nice in a thong
Five for when thick, real wide in the hips
She looked me up and down then she licked her lips
Pushed all up on me and she moving her butt slow
I got my hands up and I'm screaming "What up though? "


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