Murs & 9th Wonder - And I Love It Lyrics

Murs & 9th Wonder Lyrics

And I Love It Lyrics
[Speaking: MURS]
Say it the same way? Ha

[Verse 1:]
She was only 5'2" and she loved to argue
Girl had a mouth on her
Till it went south on her
Then I had to bounce on her
Yep, clean house on her
Now she's cussin' and she's screamin' standin' out on the corner
But I love her and I miss her
It was hard to dismiss her
When I know in three days I'm gonna get back with her

[Speaking: MURS]
That was the wrong verse. Hold up. Hold up. Aiight
It ain't about her. It's about this

I'm talkin' sunshine, blue skies
Dress lookin' too fly
Look good, feel good
How good? Real good
Health, wealth, knowledge of yourself
Your best friend being there when you need some help
Shelter, clothing, your car when it's rollin'
Thankful for the little things, that just keep growin'
Holdin' onto memories
Forgivin' all your enemies
Lettin' go of hate so you don't waste energy
Field trips
Remember that realness
Usin' inner strength
To you triumph over illness
Honesty, loyalty
Somebody that will spoil me
Love my dirty drawers and treat me like royalty
Posse in effect
MURS & 9th Wonder it's like B.F.F.

[Speaking: MURS]
Ha, ha, ha. Best friends forever! Ha, ha, ha. Look

We watch Heroes
Checks with ten zeros
Flicks by Tarentino
Hugs, kisses
Love, Christmas
Knowin' you're gonna get everything on your wish list
Soft batch
Chocolate chips
Walkin' through the mall like you got a grip like

[Talking: MURS]
Let me get two of those. One of those. And aye, can I get some help over here?

I'm talkin' new shoes
True school
Soul food
Summer days
All day
No work
No school
New slang
People out to do thangs
New tattoos
The smell after new rain
3: 16
King magazine
Your very first kiss
Or the first day of spring
Cherry ice slushies
A pair of big...
Forgive me
Girls who ain't picky
One night stands
Las Vegas, Nevada
Hakuna Matada
Songs by Sinatra
Or Afrika Bambaatta
My God daughters
Otta pops
Swimmin' when the water's tax
Silver Hawks, Thundercats
Aye, where is 9th Wonder at?

[Speaking: 9th Wonder]
Hey you got to put that down. Girl you can't keep... girl... Jada... quit trippin'.

I'm talkin' about Jordan, Jada
The crib Winston, Salem
Duke, the Dodgers, them Florida Gators
Victoria's Secret
9th Wonder teachin'
Cheese cake
Fruit with no pesticides
You and your auntie doin' the Electric Slide

[Speaking: MURS]
C'mon baby, you know you can go. It go one, two... ha ha.

I got love for my momma
For survivin' all the drama
And I'm hopin' that the world fall in love with Obama
My first pair of Jordans that I bought when I was 21
All my money, not dependent on anyone
Care Bears
Apple Jacks
Runnin' Man
Cabbage Patch
G.I. Joe and any show that came on after that
Old schools
No rules
Sun rays
Football Sundays
Three day
Sleep in
A five hour flight
Touchin' down on the runway
Livin' out desire
Clothes fresh out the drier
Seein' my name when they handin' out fliers
Shows when they sold out
Girls when they hold out
Girls when they give it up
Money, when I get a cut
Walkin' in the crib see your new born sittin' up
One love, one life, c'mon y'all, live it up

When you love it
So glad darlin' baby

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