Murder Rape - Mistress Of The Gloomy Nights Lyrics

Murder Rape Lyrics

Mistress Of The Gloomy Nights Lyrics
Only the voice of the Demon
Would be good enough
To tell thy story
Oh, magnificent

A story that took place at the night shadows
Full of horror and sprinkled with blood
And lacerating screams
Nights of blood

ORGY - sprinkled with blood
PLEASURE - made by flesh

Oh, Countess
From Hell where thee live
Listen to our homage
Princess of Hell

Thee that found
Through thy macabre orgies
The secret of life
In the blood of young girls

Impiety and cruelty
Magnificent and beautiful
Thy evilness enchants me
Countess Bathory

Mistress of the gloomy nights
That made thy life
A cult to pain and pleasure
An apology to blood

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