Murder Rape - Black Hateful Melody Lyrics

Murder Rape Lyrics

Black Hateful Melody Lyrics
Black hateful music
Its power is as dark as its color
Making the servants of Satan
Hear its coming
Exalting its power and fury
Melancholic melody
Transforming all hateful feelings
Into profane acts

Followers of Satan
Listen to the claims of war
Our revenge now explodes
Vomiting at the face of Jehovah

The army of Satan
Marches triumphant
Souls we carry as rewards
We are Satan's Militia

Cold winds
Rip the silence of the night
Blaspheming against the damned Nazarene

Inverted crosses
We show in our breasts
Our souls are as black
As the clothes we use

Army of Satan
Promote the chaos
Promote the decadence
Freedom, the true instinct

Sodomizing the holy trinity
Blaspheming against Jehovah
Worshipping the Goat face
And spitting at the face of God

We are the misery of Jehovah
The coal dust bleeding in his eyes
We are the ulcer that burns and hurts the Nazarene

Our five points
Torment and crash them all
Misery is complete

Now we march proud
Over the ashes of Jerusalem
Where one day was the cradle of the lamb

The triumph of the true holocaust
The triumph of the Beast
Will be your eternal damnation

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