Muph & Plutonic Lyrics

Muph & Plutonic Lyrics

From the Album And Then Tomorrow Came (2008) (buy at
And Then Tomorrow Came
Number 45

From the Album Silence The Sirens (2006) (buy at
Silence The Sirens
Walking Tightropes
Ain't All Over
Leave Your Shoes At The Door
Comfort Zone
Goin On Tour
Voice Box
Colour Of Fire
The Day Off
Lost Ones
What You See
Silence The Sirens
Still Say Sorry Though
Pessimists Like To Party Too!!
One Side Of The Bed
Nothing's Alright, Everything's Ok

From the Album Hunger Pains (2006) (buy at
Hunger Pains
Work Hard
Heaps Good
Raise Ya Voice
Gimme Tha Mic
Moment Of Clarity
Scars And Stains
Becoming Agro Phobic
Hunger Pains
Your Choice ''kings''

Other Songs:
Size Of The Soul

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