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Just another dedicated to him Lyrics
Just Another (Dedicated To Him...)

Drowning in a pool of my own self-pity,
Hating every face I see in front of me,
Feeling ripped apart,
Torn from my mind to my soul,
Anger churning, losing all concious thought,
Everybody's happy,
But their world is built on lies.

It used to mean so much,
Now i'm messed up in my mind.
Thought i'd left all that far away,
Put the hurt and past behind.
I no longer find sanctuary in that smile,
I can never shelter in those two brown eyes.
Not the guy i thought you would be,
Just another star in the sky for me.

The bubble is burst and i'm back down low,
Love hurts but anger burns.
How dare you take my soul and then,
Mess with it for your own satisfaction,
I'm telling you now love dont last,
Anger shall drive me,
Till i see your face no more.

Counting the days, hours, minutes,
'Till you are no longer the shining light i need,
How long will it take my hate to leave your mind?
Never shall i watch to see your face,
You mean nothing to me now,
Disapear without a trace

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