Muhd Zaidan Khan - Zidane Lyrics

Muhd Zaidan Khan Lyrics

Zidane Lyrics
There `s a boy that name zidane
He call himseif a Jackie chan
His brother name is Ramli
He live in a new city

His father name is Ridwan
He love all his son
And ten he take a piece of bun
And throw the bun at zidane

( chorus)

But he chasen by a vampire
Then he must killed it with the searching of fire

Zidane and his brother Ramli
They live in a new city
Their face is so pity
And they don`t have ability

So they already hurt
And make some campfire
Their favourite food is bird
And transform into a power ranger

Suddenly he saw a vampire
And he say hi
But the vampire take the fire
So he must say goodbye

( chorus )



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