The Muffs Lyrics

The Muffs Lyrics

From the Album Really Really Happy (2004) (buy at

Freak Out
A Little Luxury
Really Really Happy
Something Inside
Everybody Loves You
Don't Pick On Me
And I Go Pow
My Lucky Day
Fancy Girl
How I Pass The Time
I'm Here I'm Not
The Whole World
My Awful Dream
By My Side
Oh Poor You
The Story Of Me

From the Album Alert Today, Alive Tomorrow (1999) (buy at

I Wish That I Could Be You
Silly People
Another Ugly Face
Prettier Than Me
Your Kiss
I'm Not Around
Blow Your Mind
Room With No View
Dear Liar Love Me

From the Album Happy Birthday To Me (1997) (buy at

Crush Me
That Awful Man
All Blue Baby
My Crazy Afternoon
Is It All Okay?
Outer Space
I'm A Dick
Where Only I Could Go
Upside Down
You And Your Parrot
Keep Holding Me
Best Time Around

From the Album Blonder And Blonder (1995) (buy at

Oh Nina
On And On
Sad Tomorrow
What You've Done
Red Eyed Troll
End It All
Laying On A Bed Of Roses
I Need A Face
Won't Come Out To Play
Funny Face
Ethyl My Love
I'm Confused
Just A Game

From the Album The Muffs (1993) (buy at

Lucky Guy
Saying Goodbye
Everywhere I Go
Better Than Me
From Your Girl
Not Like Me
Baby Go Round
Big Mouth
Every Single Thing
Don't Waste Another Day
Another Day
Eye To Eye
I Need You
All For Nothing

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