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Mtosheze Lyrics

Read For The Hell On It! Lyrics
Irrespective calling for death, collaborating with the devil, to take you on the test,
Solely dividing the dumb shit and the smart, smoking hydro in front of preschools so they can start,
Dividing the lyrical masters from the lyrical disasters, S.R should post for educating the pastors ,
Yall niggas having shit to say, so I bring the heat and burn to the 2nd level,
Bench pressing 200 lbs but now we only lift shovels,
Doing any jobs for real niggas like the devil,
Largely enough Im looking for ways to die, cause yall aint holding so I leap to the barrel,
Close enough to the end, yall still at the beginning ,
Starting shit up just to see who Im offending,
Neglecting the fact the Mtosheze is nothing less than spoiled,
A nigga that would leave your face in rags and foil,
Catastrophic not well done, dust a few bricks and we call for the gun,
Dispatch a few killers let them get the bones, striking towards the neck, leave your body left alone,
Collecting dust is gone be your new hobby, blasting shells is gone be my new hobby,
Starting shit I will leave you in the front lobby,
Shock treatment for the lesser figured mind,
Bust and the spark the lesser greater they Devine,
Collectively blasting dogs, splashing dogs, harassing dogs, cold blooded so Im dashing like state lines,
Doing bitches anal style condom on the real, twice in one night so they get the fell,
Clip drop like flies and splash on the ground and form cake thighs,
Improving every day in every way, Shaka Zulu aint got nothing to say,
Depending on where Im at I pop regardless, disown a body and let the courts sample the charges,
Neglect is always a killer and a nine to your face is always a thriller,
Reclining on the DL and handling over cooked streets,
The nine is hot boiling niggas on the streets, peep this yall finally figuring whos the best,
But Its to late now cause you missing a chest, the gauge has no felling so It keeps pushing,
And your organs should provide the proper cushion,
Dismantle your heart and blast the machine gun, burn a few bails and dash like its fun,
Im mad omnipotent and your love the way my dick stay straiten,
And the police are left debating on the reason for such a scene,
Some nightmarish shit that belong in dreams, masturbation dog, never I got mad bitches,
Shifting nines to kids so they can handle their biss,
And busting nuts in the air for so you can look at the fizz,
Twisting niggas like bottle caps and leaving them dripping, toss a few bombs so we can leave niggas dropping,
Napalm burns, and metal expands in the heat, let see what the bullets do when we hit the streets,
Tipping the scale on a respecting level, leaving dogs straight so I go for the transit and the builders level,
Leave you with 3rd degree burns, and your girls neck with 3rd degree sperm,
Deep throat action geometrical and physiologically impaired,
Bagging for your life so I save it, next time we bump heads I gone to engrave it,
Posting on urbanauthentics and keeping this relentless,
Stress on your vest and twelve round cave in, killing dogs like my man vonsleyven,
Opening enough holes in your head to start a sponge market, like you Jag and in my yard you can park-it,
John doe is what they gone be tagging you with, leave you cavefaceman with a homemade face lift. Nigga.
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