Ms. Sancha - She's Dirty Lyrics

Ms. Sancha Lyrics

She's Dirty Lyrics
(feat. Fingazz)

She's Dirty, So Dirty, So Damn Dirty, Ooohhh
So Down, So Dirty
She Shoot 'em For Plain Suckin'
All Day All Night
All Day Oooo
All Day All Night

Ima Dirty Ass Cook To Trick Your Hyna
Lookin For A Fool Whose Gonna Come An Tryta
Get In My Pants, I Bet You Want Some Ass
But Ms Sancha Got It Locked When It Comes To Cash
Theres No F*ckin Around Ese I Stay Down An Paid
Muthaf*ckas Wanna F*ck But They Aint Gettin Laid
Gettin Nothin But Lead In They Head
Nothin But A Shot To They Dome And They Dead
Lpg You Know I Roll Wit G's
Dont Claim Nothin Less Get Down On My Knees
I Stay Shootin, F*ckin, Suckin
All Day, I Dont Play, An If You Wanna Try Me
Your Gonna See How Drty I Can Be
Cuz Wit Me Between Sheets You'll Neva Lose
Wit Me In Tha Streets I Feel Sorry For You


I Aint Nothin Like Yo Lady
Ima Rida Im Sexy And Im Crazy
You'll Neva Find Anotha Bicth Like Me
Someone To Ride On All Yo Enemies
Its Southside When My Gunshot Blast
619 An Ill Tax That Ass Im So Dirty
All The Otha Bitches Wont Last
Keep Rockin Trick You Gotta Freak Past
Cuz Ms Sancha Rolls Wit Killas An Gangstas
Start Some Shit An I Just Might Shank Ya
Ill F*ck You Up, If You Run Up Cock Back The Glock
An Be Prepared To Get Gunned Up Thats Whats Up
So Dont F*ck Wit Ma Hood, Cuz It Wont Be Good
I Only F*ck Down Vatos And You Wish You Could
Ms Sancha Stay Dirty Always Makin That Dirt
An If You Didn Know Bitch Then Now You Know


So Loca, Wit Some Bomb-Ass Panochas
A Deadly Combination, I Thought I Told Ya
Lowpro Dont Disrespect It, An If You Disrespect It
Get In Check Quick And For You Bitch Made Levas
I Got A Friend Named Nina And She's Sanchas Perra
The Only Bitch That I Can Trust
Shes Always Down To Ride
An Always Ready To Bust, Bust Caps On Putos
Who Choose To Take A Chance
In The Streets In The Bed Ill Blast Yo Ass So Get Lost
Cuz Ima Cold-Hearted Killa That'll Take Yo Ass Out
Make You Pay The Cross Im The Boss
So Give Me All That You Got
I Gotta Cuete In My Skirt, An Its Gettin Hot
You Gotta Fantasy Of Me, Ridin Dick On Top
I Got A Fantasy Of Watchin My Glock Go Pop


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