Ms. Sancha - For The Love Of Guns Lyrics

Ms. Sancha Lyrics

For The Love Of Guns Lyrics
(feat. Mr. Sancho)

I Dont Give A F*ck, Bitch You Betta Run
Im Livin (Livin For The Love Of My Guns Muthaf*cka)
Put The Safety Off, Bustin Tears Down
Im Livin For The Love Of Guns

[Verse 1:]
Ima Stay Unloaded Clips, From The Lpg
Ima Gangsta Bitch, Not Too Many Tricks Can F*ck Wit This
So Think Twice Before You Wanna Start Some Shit
Roll A 6-4, Gotta Light A Dome, Gotta Sharp A Blow
Gotta 9 Milimeter And A Clean .44 That'll Blast Yo Ass
If U Take The Chance, Ms Sancha Needs Cash
And She Wants It Fast
Give Me All That You Got Homeboy
'cuz This Cuete That I Got Aint A Toy
It Packs Nothin But Hot Lead
Throw Yo Head, Make One Funny Move
And Yo Ass Is Dead
And Yes It Gets Me Off, When I Hear The Shots
It Makes Me Cum When I Feel The Pop
Nothin Like The Sound Of My 9 Or A Glock
Besides A Down-Ass Vato With A Big Held Dick


[Mr. Sancho:]
Sancho Muthaf*cka, Wit A Gangsta Twist
Im Here Ta Represent Tha South With A Gangsta Bitch
We Double Team The Competition And Load The Amunition
So She Can Rock The Cock While I Cock The Glock
Pop, Pop Drive-By An Er'ybody 'cuz I Wont Stop *Trumpin Up The Right Beat
Guaranteed To Be High If You Wanna Chance To Threat
F*ck You Up Rat An Ill Neva Hesitate To Put A Hole In Your Chest
You Best Run And Hide Homie You Wont Survive
I Got Sancha An Nina Puto, Ready To Ride
Cuz We Lite Up The Gun, And Can Put Up The Gun
Still Ride To The Death Homie, There's No Way To Run
Lowpro Represent An Pitbulls On The Loose
F*ck You, Sancho Breakin All The Rules


F*ckin You In The Bed, While Im Givin You Head
Feria Too, Think Im Playin Foo'
I Dont Give A F*ck Throw Ya In A Blood Poo'
The Sound Of My Gun Make My Pussy Lips Droo'
It Gets Me Wet, It Makes Me Sweat
Let It Go, Bitch You Wont Regret
Cuz My Gunshots Flyin, An These Sorry Vatos Always Dyin
Go Ahead Keep Tryin, F*ck You
If You Aint 619'n
Aint Got No Time, Aint Got Nothin Else On My Mind
Besides Robbin Suckers, Who Think That Sancha Is Their Lover
I Got A Love Of Glass, So Give It Up Ese
Give Me All Your Stash, Cuz I Dont Want No Love
I Got Enough Muthaf*ckas Thata Wanna F*ck
But Righ Now Makin Love To My Gun
Bitch You Betta Run Fast, Hide, Or Duck

[Chorus x2]

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