Mr. Sancho - Sancho's Oldie Lyrics

Mr. Sancho Lyrics

Sancho's Oldie Lyrics
(feat. OG Playboy, Royal T, Silencer)

[OG Playboy]
I've been loving you (loving you)
I've been missing you (missing you)
I've been wanting you (ah ah)
I miss you baby, I remember
the first day we met, I'll never forget
oh how I miss you baby

[Mr. Sancho]
Baby look at what I do just thinking of you
when I really wanna know you true
cause I wanna do all the things you do
when you're up riding, I remember the time
when you used to cross my mind
For no reason, baby no teasin'
gotta be the eagle when I meet the beagle
one for your pleasin' I remember the times
when you used to blow my mind
mami mira lo que hago tanto siento pa' no separarnos
cada vez te dejo en charcos soy el sancho del ano
I remember the times when we used to bump and grind
everyday in my life I look back and think twice
of my memories of you girl you know you miss me too
although I don't see you and I don't know what to do girl

[Chorus: OG Playboy]
I remember the times when you used to blow my mind
you broke me off all the time when you were mine
(I remember [Royal T] ) I remember the times
(When I used to hold you [Royal T]) when you used
to cross my mind you broke me off all the time and
now I'm missing you

What's up mija I wanna spend a little time with you
because I really wanna get to know you and you
tell me that you feel the same and that you wanna hold me
sabes que te quiero mija, do you wanna take a ride mija?
I think about you everyday because you're my beautiful
mamacita when I listen to the oldies you're the one I think
about you're so fine you're my everything and I'm your everything
dont be shy I wanna spend a little time with you and I'm gonna
stay with you I know you love it everytime I'm with you
so now I'm gonna kiss you cada noche cada dia dime que tu eres mia
yo te quiero para mi nomas porque tu eres mi vida here I am here I go
all the hynas silencer they wanna know does he have a lady?
does he have a girl? you'll never know don't you ever let me go
I don't wanna be alone I just wanna have a lil' fun I promise
I won't play with your corazon that's how it is and that's how it
goes keep this in mind baby doll it's silencer from Low Pro

[Repeat Chorus]

I find myself taking interest to when we first kissed
cause I'm missing you mami because you're the shit
and you never get sick when I did your homegirls
I can't deny I'm so glad you walked into my life
didn't get corrupted by the nosy public 'till I introduce
you to this sancho lovin' now she's bumping me
and all the LPG and tell me when he's leaving so that I
can sneak in I still have in my mind how you made me loose
my mind, Player mija you're my player girl you think just like me
got a man I can see but you'll always be there for me girl
player mija I am your player girl you know what to do when you
feelin' lonely ma' I'm who will always be there for you girl

[Repeat Chorus]

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