Mr. Powerfull - Party Time Lyrics

Mr. Powerfull Lyrics

Party Time Lyrics
All the lights are cutting down
What is going on?
Is this a show of rock 'n roll
Or just a funeral for dolls
All this boys are straight and clean,
Looking just the same
It makes me sick, now it's time
Come on, let's rock 'n roll

Move away I wanna show,
How you make some moves
My mother said I've been always
Been a noised little kid
LIke the heavy metal
We broaked all this rules
The sound is pure and strong
enough to knocking out your gut

I get drunk and high again
Now I feel so free
The girls are banging all this place
And I just can sleep on...
The sexy blond get on at me,
And tell me it's ok...
Now it's time to have some fun
Come on let's rock 'n roll

Feeling like a burning flame 'cause I'm not so high
Now it's time to play it loud, like Ozzy always does
I look around and see the angels sing the same ols song
The bar is full, the girls are top less and everything is

It's party time, here all this heavy
The scream of the guitar are blasting the stage...

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