Mosaic MSC Lyrics

Mosaic MSC Lyrics
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Erwin Raphael McManus is an author, self-proclaimed futurist, self-proclaimed filmmaker, and self-proclaimed designer. He is the lead pastor of Mosaic, a church in Los Angeles, California.

This eclectic and vibrant church community has banded together in a variety of colors and backgrounds. Out of their kaleidoscope of stories rises a collection of songs.

They shared these songs with the world on their new Essential Worship debut that released in September 2016. This album, Glory & Wonder, marked their second iTunes Top 5 debut as they charted at No. 2 on the iTunes Christian & Gospel chart.

Says McManus,"It makes perfect sense that if we are new creations and if God has given us a new heart that he would call us to sing a new song.” -Wikipedia-,

Erwin McManus

August 28, 1958

Republic of El Salvador, Central America


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Senior Pastor at Mosaic Church

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