Morten Harket - Half In Love, Half In Hate Lyrics

Morten Harket Lyrics

Half In Love, Half In Hate Lyrics
Half in love and half in hate
Someone told me it is late
Late on earth he said, maybe
late in you
And late in me
Darker than it has to be

Tell me just another lie
Now we're woven under ice
Tell me that there is no other
I am a child
Be my mother
If you lie, babe
If you bother

Since you raised that wall around you
Since I lost you
I have found you strange
And I could swear for sure
Haven't seen that girl before
Half in love and half at war

Hey, you're looking strange
And everything you do
Girl, it seems arranged
Dark words drift away
I have nothing more to say

Soon this moon will rise
And in this stony night
I have to see your face
See the lines that make you old
Stony silence, touched by gold

Everything's too late
Too late for love, and suddenly
Too late for hate

There's only one thing left to do
I have to face this other you

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