Mortem - Fetus Mutilation Lyrics

Mortem Lyrics

Fetus Mutilation Lyrics
Blood is coming out
From genital cavity
Legs moved wide apart
Hands are planged inside womb
Pieces of the unborn
Are thrown in the corner
Heap of mutilated
Chopped up little torses
Tiny arm is moving yet
Umbilical cord connecting mother
And child by life is ripped out
From the crotch with caul
The killers of their own kids
Stand in the turn to this surgery
Murder of the innocents
They'll never see sunlight
Pain is the first feeling
Death inside the mother's c*nt
Mincer enters in your body
Cuts, shreds in little pieces
A quivering pile of useless flesh
Brain like grey mass of jelle
Is oozing from the cracked skull
The unborn die
There isn't a chance to wonder why
Pulverized infant corpses
Are ready to be burnt
Dying alive embrio
Turn to the pulp of minced meat
Bloody chunks, livid stack
Stripping off muscle tissue
Mother bitch kills her child
For freedom of life
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