Morta Skuld - The Killing Machines Lyrics

Morta Skuld Lyrics

The Killing Machines Lyrics
You dont know me, for I have no name--I have many faces, for I am one in the same--I am your hate, I am your greed--I am your
lust, for im the killing machine--the hate running through our hearts, is what we've created--this is what should be fought, not
what should escape--the fight to survive, its man against machine--an assassin in the night, its man against man--i am your hate,
i am your greed--i am your lust, for I'm the killing machine--the obstacle in your way, the path you cant find--your tears as you
cry in pain, to destroy our minds--you don't know me, for i have no name--i have many faces, for i will always remain.

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