Mortal Treason - Walk Thru The Woods Lyrics

Mortal Treason Lyrics

Walk Thru The Woods Lyrics
Fall into my hands and sleep forever in these ashes of sorrow. Your chains
hold me down. Your words keep me bound. Death cries out from these ashes.
Fall into my hands and sleep forever. Forever is so long to have to wait.
Who will save your soul? You must pull your own way out of hell. It's all
you have to live for. Christ, he will save your soul. Life has passed you
by. It's your time. Turn your eyes to the sky. Breaking glass eyes to free
your mind. It's cried for so long. It's crying for something. A broken heart
will free your mind. Empty sight will bring you life. Will bring you life.
My life falls to the ground only to shatter and be put back together again.
Renewal of my heart. A new beginning. Born of the son. Born of one. Life has
begun. As beginning goes to end, against evil I win. Christ has brought me
out of death, saved my soul. Christ has saved me from the pits of hell.
Giving life once more. This time it's in your hands. I will follow you
forever. Now I'm taking back my life. I'm taking back life. I'm taking back
life. Taking back my family. I'm a warrior of life. I hope my words get
under your skin.

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