Mortal Treason - Sunrise Over A Sea Of Blood Lyrics

Mortal Treason Lyrics

Sunrise Over A Sea Of Blood Lyrics
Silent and still she lies and waits
Twined with darkness
The morning fog her companion
A violent force she holds tight within her fists
Her task has been assigned
Her mission is her reason of being

Each day her heart beats faster
Her horse saddled and ready to ride
With her she brings death,
Never has the world seen such fear as their dreams of tomorrow shatter before them
Oh the cries of suffering and anger
No mind can comprehend as death falls like a whisper or a drop of blood
The billions of souls screaming as they're forced to escape the bodies
These lifeless bodies
And on this day, the earth shall be washed with tears, and they will fall as rain unto the heavens
So the time draws near

She is counting down
She is ready
She is the end

She is new life
Death awaits
Will we embrace her or will we run, for she is swift
Not one will escape her
Not even one

“About the end of the world. In the song it is
referred to as she. It us about how truly the end is
coming, but how it is only the beginning.”

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