Mortal Treason - Feed On The Weak Lyrics

Mortal Treason Lyrics

Feed On The Weak Lyrics
Deception is your name. I cried out for your hand. All I see is your foot in
my face holding me down, down on the ground. I fall to my knees to praise my
Savior. Your eyes are so cold, your hands stained with the blood of
children. So you think you can hold me down forever. I will rise and fight
till my last breath. You put me down to make yourself feel better. The time
has come. I'll stand up. Fight for Christ. He is all I have. I will stand
for my King. I'll praise him every day. Rumors of men in the night, coming
to take my life. They came and took your life. Rise again from these ashes
and fight. Fight forever. We'll stand every day to praise His name on high.
I will stand and fight forever. I will stand and fight forever more. In this
life, you can't take it. You're not real. You can't prove you're. You're

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