Mortal Treason - Call To The Martyrs Lyrics

Mortal Treason Lyrics

Call To The Martyrs Lyrics
Mass murder for the sake of Christ. Time has come to live, to die, to pass
away, to burn away. They're beating me down. I feel no pain. Life inside
this world has come. It lived. It died. It passed away. Now is the time for
selfish annihilation. Hail Jesus, hail Christ. Hail to the King. Blood
covered sight. Open my eyes. Why can't they see you in this life? Life has
cut me down to size. My heart is open. I can hear you calling my name. As
you do, open my eyes. Your life reigns. I can hear you screaming out. I
could never ignore your call. Now is the time. Selfishness under my feet.
Now you can never hide the pain that lies in your heart. It will push you
straight to your grave. Live for the Lord and you will see the truth

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