Mortal Treason - Beneath The Shadows Lyrics

Mortal Treason Lyrics

Beneath The Shadows Lyrics
Love kisses me on the cheek. Taken my weakness away. Weeping for these gone
astray, for the lost. For the souls, I cry out to you. Please pull me
through. I love you. You are my all. You came unto me to set me free. Won't
you set me free tonight. I feel your love tonight. For it lies in the wind
of change. Accept it now. For it may never come again. For all things
change. Except his love. It remains the same. You came up to me to set me
free. I love you. You are my all. Now you are all I need in this life. I
feel your love. I feel your love as it passes in my mind. An ever present
peace that reigns. Now is the time. Run for your life. Accept the Lord into
your heart.

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