Mortal Treason - Abaddon Lyrics

Mortal Treason Lyrics

Abaddon Lyrics
Numb inside, tears eyes now dry
Take this purity

Break this beautiful child
I hope you're happy with what you've done
You murdered for the sake of one moment of pleasure
Laying alone with a broken spirit

This child is broken
This child is dying inside

This can't go on
We must stand and fight
Fight for what's right
Fight for life
A choice must be made

Sever the hand of the abuser
Strike his face

Make him bleed
But no it won't stop
It's out of our hands
Judgment shall be served
Your judgment shall be served

“This is about the kids who are being molested
everyday. So many hearts are breaking, and so many
tears are falling but Christ wants to mend these
broken hearts. He wants to hold them in His hands.”

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