Mortal - Electrify Lyrics

Mortal Lyrics

Electrify Lyrics
all things dark and beautiful
steal my Heart away
but every day and every night
i wrestle
my Decay

all things stark and bountiful
sunlight and the Rain
but every hate and every love
Staggers from the strain

why do we fight
for Meaning, for truth
for questions to answers
in our Bones ?

the Ocean stirring
the thunder
ready to Roll

God on high

all things bright and wonderful
Wisdom for the wise
but every death and every life
battles our Demise

why do we Fear
the meaning, the truth
the Questions, the answers
in our bones ?

the Waves are rising
let lightning
flash through my Soul

if Life impending is living
everyone gets out Alive

mortal life
set on Fire
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