Morningstar Lyrics

Morningstar Lyrics

From the Album Finnish Metal (2004) (buy at
Finnish Metal
Finnish Metal
The Land Of Vipers
Inner Power
Damned Child
In The Night...
Mountain Of Glass (Kyöpeli)
Diehard Rocker
Wood, Fire, Earth, Water And Metal

From the Album Kalevala Mysticism (2002) (buy at
Kalevala Mysticism
Ultima Thule
Pagan Funeral
Metal Fever
Sons of Kaleva
Frozen Woods
Battleaxe / Made of Iron
Throne Of Doom (Divine Wisdom)
Sinister Shaman

From the Album Weight Of The Hammer (2000) (buy at
Weight Of The Hammer
Sylvester's Night (1596)
Northern Summer
Electric Battlecry
Pirates Of The Northern Sea
The Last Dragon
Traitors Over The Edge
The Alchemist
The Death Of Klaus Fleming
The Sign Of Thurisas

From the Album Hell (1999) (buy at
Speed Demon
Heavy Metal Heretics
Booze And Hate
Visitor From Death
The King
After The Battle
Chainsaw Philosophy
My Restless Soul
The Spirit (Of The Bottle)
Under The Stars

From the Album Heretic Metal (1996) (buy at
Heretic Metal
Burning The Crucifix
War And Victory
Crushing Their Legions
Eternal Darkness
A Great Revolt
During A Fullmoon
Bloody Hammer
Twilight Of The Paradise
(Black) Power Of The Shaman
The Phobia
Pierce His Eyes

From the Album Rivendell (1995) (buy at
Warriors Of Pagan Gods
(War) Legend
Pagan Dance
The Eyes Of Lamia
My Purgatory
Black Rebel
Ancient Crypt
Iron Bird
The Morningstars (Saw My Death)

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