The Morning Of - A Beautiful Place, Not A Beautiful Face Lyrics

The Morning Of Lyrics

A Beautiful Place, Not A Beautiful Face Lyrics
Time may pass but you sure don't.
You might as well be the person
You told me you were from the beginning.
(You were a champ at making up a face.)
At least he'll play his part in the role
I've always wanted when the curtain closes
Hopefully a lesson will be learned.

B-b-b-b-b-Breakin' down.
Tt-t-t-t-t-tTake your time.
Well this isn't yours and this isn't mine
So is this where we both go senseless

Well I guess I'm doing this for you

The sky is on fire now who's the liar?
You can't fight this feeling if there wasn't on there.
(Don't think I didn't notice.)
So don't take this out on me
Don't make this seem like rivalry.
The sun will set just give it time.
This is the result of every line
You've ever dropped and
This is me not catching them as they fall

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