Morning Glory - War Returns Lyrics

Morning Glory Lyrics

War Returns Lyrics
war returns to earth vanquishing re-birth
feel my heart flood as i pound the mud
but i know that that's ok

peace accords dissolve
inhumanities resolve
the boots upon my feet
a soldiers quick retreat
but i know that that's ok
i'll carry on my way

quick descent
chaos event
it's imminent now

words that turn to fears every couple of years
time will tell us true
war is overdue
but i know that that's ok
there will be another day
waiting for a new report
a brand new war
slowly slide away
dying for your way
can't you see...

that under mountains of money
you'll find all the bodies of brethren
there is no one answer
to equal the sum of your questions
just aim high defend yourself
and look around you
try and call the truth
as the wars rage..

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